It’s been three months since I changed careers, and in those twelve weeks there has been a whirlwind of activity.  The main objective has been to learn.  Learn, learn, and learn.  Every day I learn how to do something new, or, through trial and error, I learn how NOT to do something.  The work is satisfying and fulfilling.  I love working with the students, and I love that I work within an environment where the student is number one!  My coworkers are an exceptional crew.  Uplifting, helpful, and productive, they are a hard working group of individuals (almost exclusively women) that have accepted me into their arms and have offered endless support during my learning period (that seems to never end).

It’s exciting working with a whole new team of people… getting to know one another, learning strengths and weaknesses, discovering natural leaders, and those that are key in getting things done… forging new friendships and alliances.  But there is nothing that beats familiarity.  I can’t express how much I miss the known.  I miss my friends and former colleagues.   The ones that after years, simply know me; no explanation necessary.  There’s something about the implicit understanding that comes with people who know you.  Good or bad days, when someone knows you, there’s no need to pretend, or put on a show out of being your best self… your best self is already known and loved by those with an inherent understanding of who you are.

I fear I haven’t articulated myself well here.  I LOVE my new coworkers.  I can’t wait until we’ve worked together long enough that they know me with an unspoken understanding of who I am… I simply miss that familiarity with the people I spend most of my days with.

One difference is the sheer number of people that I work with.  I left a staff of 22 people and now I work with at least double that amount.  And all of that said, and I can tell you that I FIT IN HERE!  It’s such a good feeling… I work with so many different people that it seemed inevitable that I’d connect with someone who was like minded…!  It’s just been a bonus that I’ve found a whole community of compatible individuals!  And that’s one of the most rewarding parts of my job.  No matter who you are, if you are open-minded and willing to work hard, there is a niche for you here within our community of colleagues!

2 thoughts on “Update…

  1. Has it been 3 months already! How time flies when you’re having fun, learning everyday and finding your niche. I completely understood what you were trying to get across about familiarity .. that those you worked with for 10 (?) years knew/know you and your ways .. but then again those you are in daily contact with now at your new position will quickly learn about you as you are an open and honest person .. willing to let others “in” and to connect with all those you come in contact with.
    I’m happy to hear you’re fitting in there so well and enjoying your work .. I had no doubts that you would.


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