Week One

Well, the first week has come and gone, and it was nothing short of amazing!

I can’t say enough how kind, helpful, and friendly EVERYONE on campus has been; staff and students alike.  The environment here is one that I have already embraced, as STUDENTS COME FIRST, and that’s the way it should be.  Huron is a small and inviting institution that focuses on providing the best services to its students.  I’m so excited to be a part of this incredible team!

So, my title is Coordinator, International Student Engagement, and my job is to involve students in events and activities here at Huron, and also off campus throughout Canada and abroad.  There are a lot of other components to my position, but that’s the fun stuff!

So, I’ve met a few students already, and I’ve met a lot of staff on campus.  I’m doing my best to remember all of the names of people I’ve met (I wish everyone wore name tags)… at least there are names on office doors!  Anyway, as I’ve said, everyone has been welcoming, and all of my fears and worry about starting were very quickly put to rest, as there simply was no cause for those concerns once I arrived on campus… however, I still have the task of fulfilling expectations as no one has been in this role for sometime, meaning there is a lot of work to be done. This is probably the only thing I’m still worried over… not wanting to let anyone down.  I still have so much to learn!  I actually feel like my brain is empty right now as there is so much information to acquire and things to understand.  Thank goodness I’m surrounded by a team of wonderful people that have shown nothing but support and a desire for me to succeed.

I’ve started at making my office my own… it’s a good space with a window and a door and that is more than I’ve ever had before so it’s pretty exciting.  I’ve brought many mementos from my travels and gifts I’ve received from students and my goal has been to create a space that welcomes the students, and where they will want to come to visit.  I hope I’ve succeeded… I’ve only seen one student so far in my office, so, fingers crossed!

Bonus to being on campus?  I’m a 6 minute walk to my sister and we’ll meet each week to have lunch.  I’m so excited for this!

Drawback to being on campus?  I was used to a 4 minute drive to work for ten years.  Now my drive is approximately 30 minutes to work, and can take longer if I’m not mindful of what time I leave the house in the morning or the school at the end of the day.  I think I’ll go back to books-on-tape, or listening to podcasts or something educational and fulfilling for the hour I now spend in my car each day!

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