Pics of This and That…

While I work on my first written blog post (and navigate WordPress for mobile), I thought I’d include a few of my favourite pictures here with explanations…

This first picture was taken on Zanzibar Island in 2014. The school children had walked to the beach as a class and as you can see, all of the young boys are in the water swimming while all the girls are on the shore, fully covered (even gloves), watching.

The next photograph was taken while on a walk in Zanzibar Town (birth place to Freddie Mercury!).

The next photo was taken while on a hike in Peru near Machu Picchu. The colours there are so vivid. And the people know the meaning of hard work.

The next is a photo of one of my favourite places on Earth: Algonquin Provincial Park in Ontario Canada.

This last photo is a quiet, cold morning on a walk in London, Ontario.

4 thoughts on “Pics of This and That…

  1. What wonderful pictures .. you have been to so many fascinating places .. Such an interesting life you’ve lived thus far .. I look forward to seeing more ofnyour adventures and experiences as well as reading your blog.
    Well done V.

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